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Motorcycle Financing - Best Advice for Buying a Sport Bike

Motorcycle Financing - What You Must Know Before You Buy!

One of the first things you want to do if you're planning to buy a crotch rocket or other motorcycle is to GET YOUR motorcycle FINANCING quotes first!  Whether you need good credit financing or bad credit financing the most important reason to do this is because when you have these quotes in hand,  when you go into a dealership to seriously buy your crotch rocket or other motorcycle,  you'll know what you can afford and MORE Importantly the motorcycle dealer salespeople will not be able to talk you into high interest loans! 

If you're prepared it will save you a ton of money. Be smart and get your motor cycle quote first. Know exactly how much money you can get approved for and at what interest rate and the term.  You may find out that you can save a lot of money by going through other sources.  This could be your credit union, bank or other personal loan lender. Doesn't matter if they are good credit or bad credit lenders. 

Another smart thing to do is to get a copy of your free annual credit report-- this is free.  Do this BEFORE you go to your bank or credit union or any other source including your online sources.  YOU may not be aware of this but they may actually discard your application-- decline you flat if your addresses don't match!  Even some basic information could be wrong. They had the wrong birth year on my credit report which was fouling things up some time back.

You may immediately see some blatant errors- people with the same name in your report and all sorts of things can be there that you may not be aware of and no one will know to tell you. So get your annual free credit report.  Yes its FREE-- once  a year you can get copies from the three credit bureaus. You can get more info here: Get A Free Credit Report  After you check your credit report , immediately go about correcting the errors and submit it fast so you can get going on the financing of the crotch rocket or other motorcycle. This may take some time so if you need to check your credit report, get started soon.

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In the past motorcycle dealers would work with you if your FICO credit score was as low as 630,  but this figure could change one way or another.  But that's a low score and yours may be much higher.  Of course the higher the better.

If you have more than 1-2  late payments of 60 days or so and have a lot of credit card debt you may find it difficult to get a loan.  You may have to consider having someone co-sign for your loan or come up with other financing. This could be by tapping equity in any property you have or in selling other vehicles or working an extra job or just getting a personal loan online or at a local personal loan lender but be careful-- thay may have high interest rates.

Know what you're getting into and read all the fine print. Have someone else read it if you don't understand it or have someone read it anyway to make sure you haven't missed anything.  If you get started early looking for cheap motorcycle financing you'll be prepared when you're ready to buy your new crotch rocket!

Know that it's better NOT to buy a crotch rocket or sport bike as your first bike!

Instead of buying a NEW bike buy a used or cheap bike to practice on. A crotch rocket or sportbike is a fast bike and is easy to crash or wreck.  Repairs to these bikes are expensive. So make sure you have some good experience behind you before you buy one of these bikes. 

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