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What is a Crotch Rocket?

Crotch rocket is slang for some types of sport bikes, mainly super sport and super bikes. The name came about due to the way a rider sits on the bike and from the speed and acceleration of which these crotch rockets -sport bikes are capable.

Crotch rocket is a term a lot of people use to describe a high-performance  motorcycle, actually a sport bike or sportbike. If you're looking for crotch rocket info online use the term "sport bike" you will be able to find information much easier.  Crotch Rocket forums are good to check out too.

A sport bike's foot pegs and shifter are located farther back than a conventional or 'cruiser' motorcycles; this puts the rider in a position that is more streamlined and aerodynamic and places the rider's crotch in close contact with the seat, however the term crotch rocket is more commonly associated with a Pocketbike or Minimoto in some circles.

The words "crotch rocket" are sometimes associated with squid, a group of motorcyclists who usually are  inclined to pick sport bikes over other types of motorcycles due to their higher performance and probably some other reasons! in spanish it's called motocicleta!

There are also mini crotch rockets, custom crotch rockets and commonly misspelled crotchrocket.

You can usually buy crotch rockets used. Many crotch rockets are for sale through Craigslist and eBay. Or you can have a custom crotch rocket made just to your specs. Colors include black, blue, red, silver and lime or green crotch rockets.

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Hyper sport bikes are HUGE- very large-displacement sport bikes with an emphasis on top speed and acceleration. They are usually powered by motors displacing 1,100 cc (67.1 cu in) to 1,400 cc (85.4 cu in). Hyper sport bikes are bigger and heavier than super bikes, with wet weights generally of around 500 lb (227 kg).

The increased weight compromises racetrack capabilities in favor of stability at speeds that can exceed 180 mph (290 km/h). This compromise also allows motorcycle manufacturers to design much more comfortable crotch rocket rider ergonomics. Meaning -- it feels better where it can hurt! Click here for BikeBandit.com These include the Honda 929 (a racing and street bike) and the  Honda CBR1100XX, which is not raced, and all Kawasaki Ninjas including the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14,( (misspelled Kawsaki, Kwsaki, Kawaski Ninja 9900, Kawasakie 8100, Kawaski motorcycles) and the Suzuki Hayabusa, also called the GSX1300R and the Yamaha R1. Those are the four main brands of the best crotch rockets although there are many other lesser known brands. PWC Tools and Manuals

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Pictures of crotch rockets - Sport touring bikes - Lightweight - Middleweight - Super Sport

BMW R100RS  Kawasaki Ninja 250R

BMW R1100RS                          Kawasaki Ninja 250R



Yamaha YZF-R1  Triumph Daytona 675 Triple 

Yamaha YZF-R1                    Triumph Daytona 675

                                         Lightweight or Supersport

Honda CB750 Inline Four

Honda CB750 Inline Four

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